MTech Games

MTech Games


MTech Games was created to explore the possibilities for virtual reality in the rehabilitation/medical space and beyond.  They are currently focused on helping new powered wheelchair users through the tough transition to life in a wheelchair. The company was formed by established video games company team, Stickmen Media, utilising their expertise in games technologies for rehabilitation.


MTech have partnered with Burwood Academy of Independent Living and Callaghan Innovation to build, in virtual reality, the equivalent of a flight simulator for wheelchair pilots. The simulator enables new users to practice wheelchair skills and rehearse intimidating tasks like getting on a bus in a non-threatening environment. It is a powerful assessment tool for clinicians.

Virtual reality is experiencing a massive upsurge in interest from investors as well as medical, scientific, tourism and educational communities, military, developers, gamers and consumers. MTech are riding the wave, having established themselves as VR innovators and experts. They have formed relationships with key partners in the US and Australia and in a short time they have found a high degree of interest from investors and collaborators in the health industry.

The virtual reality motorised wheelchair trainer is an exciting place to start.