Week 10


Its been a tense day. We’ve had some arguments and feelings are running high. Our Trello board is crammed with tasks and there is a feeling of being swamped. I think we may have to create a deferred list and move most of the least urgent tasks there. Trello is great, but the sheer number of tasks is overwhelming.

The pitch has been worked on by Margaret and Vinni all day but it is still incomplete. It rolls off my tongue like a brick, and I stumble through it still using my prompt notes.

We were meant to do a demo today, but somehow the visitor has gotten side tracked.

I booked tickets to go up to Auckland on Wednesday. The wheelchair trainer is a finalist in the NZ Innovators awards. Its not great timing as I will be missing half a day here.



Two and a bit weeks

Today we’re back on track. I have finished 4 of the 5 things necessary to reduce the motion sickness that people feel in our simulator.  I couldn’t notice anything unsettling in a drive-through. I have contacted our lead mentor Dave Tinkler to touch base about Australia and to get some advice on reimbursement codes, which may be necessary for our product to get when we sell it in the US.

We heard about them from two investors that we tried out our pitch on today. Bill Payne, and Nelson Gray. Our pitch had a fairly sound critiquing from these two and I realise that we probably need to start again. Our attempts to edit the current one have caused it to fragment. We need to story board again and copy over the best of our information from the current deck.



NZ Innovators Awards

A day out of Lightning Lab today. OUr wheelchair simulator was a finalist in the NZ Innovators awards. I went to attend the event on Queens Wharf in Auckland. We didn’t win but it was a great night.  I sat with some Stickmen customers from NiHi and they received a highly commended award.


Thursday we spent pitching to externals. I was suffering from a lack of sleep having arrived from a sleepless night in Auckland very early in the morning.

Margaret and Vinni have made significant changes to the pitch in my absence, it sounds much better, and tighter. Somehow my deleting slides has led to a longer pitch. Shuffling paper notes was my downfall when delivering it though. The pitch blew out big time and the externals still wanted more information.

We had a very good meeting with Charlotte Walshe, CEO of Dynamic Controls. Dynamic have been very helpful in getting the product built, and we use one of their controllers as the input to our simulation. Charlotte has extended an offer to help further, and seemed very happy with our simulator.


Today was the best pitch yet. The externals suggested a lot of items of polish, but not too many differences to content. The time was over 5 minutes but much better than yesterday. Margaret is arranging posters, tshirts, and marketing collateral while I practice.

Good: Attending the NZ Innovators Awards while my team polished the pitch at home.

Bad: Another snafu with flights and I had to pay extra to get to Auckland.

Ugly: One of my pitches ran to nine and a half minutes. It was supposed to be five.


Lightning Lab is exhausting


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