Week 9


There isn’t much to report until we get back to Christchurch. Here are some photos as we had a couple of days of down time. Below that you’ll find the rest of our week in Christchurch.


Selfie Time in King’s Park


Margaret with Perth city behind


It was good to see my family, but a shame we didn’t get an appointment to see anyone at the spinal unit here.

Argh, misread our itinerary and missed our flight out of Perth. We’re now catching a new flight at 4 in the morning.




Everything is behind at Melbourne again. Our flight out has been put back quite a bit. I am almost glad we didn’t arrive on our original flight. We would have had more hours to wait.


Margaret in Fremantle (later released)


Margaret at the Toodyay Show


We dragged ourselves in late this morning after arriving last night from Australia. YOu can feel the pace has intensified. There were a lot of worried faces, a lot of pitch practice happening. Vinni has been tailoring our 5 minute pitch in our absence and I had to learn it for a practice presentation at the pitch kitchen.  I stumbled over the new wording, some of the expressions sounded slightly Danish in  sentence structure for some reason.

We finished the day by rewriting the pitch and updating our Trello board with tasks from Melbourne.




More Victoria Markets


Victoria on fire


We arrived early and had a touch up of our pitch before Scott Barrington from Modlar gave a talk on his experience getting Modlar up and running in the US. We’ve heard Scott before, at a Canterbury Software event. I concentrated on the funding lesson’s he’s learned and was very interested to see the pitch deck he used.

The rest of the day I did some work on the product while Vinni and Margaret reshaped the pitch from previous feedback. I’m still not happy with the story. I can’t memorise it, and I think its because it doesn’t flow right. We seem to have all the information, Vinni has done well at that. It even looks beautiful, its just not structured in a way that makes it memorable or compelling.

I manage to get some more flicker removed from the simulation and it feels better.


Today is all pitch. We spent most of the day locked in various rooms enhancing and trying out our pitch.

Its Good Bad and Ugly day so Friday feels like its got extra pressure, to work flat out until the GBU bell is rung. We used GBU to give a quick overview of our trip.

Good: We met with Mary Galea and had an excellent outcome.

Bad: We didn’t get to pitch as Perth

Ugly: We missed our perth flight and spent $400 each on new tickets.



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