AR Coming of Age – and some AR you might not have seen

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A few years ago I was quite dubious about the future of Augmented Reality. We had made our first Augmented Reality application for webcam in 2009. At the time Augment Reality (AR) involved a dedicated design that was an anchor in the webcam image. This anchor is something the camera could recognise at any angle and use it position and orient a projected image.We had released a video game called ‘Dragon Master Spell Caster’, and at a conference we offered a range of cards that when viewed with our app through a web cam, displayed...

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Physics and Frame Rate: Beating motion sickness in VR

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Physics and Frame Rate Many will be aware that one of the big technical risks in Virtual reality projects is motion sickness, or a subset of motion sickness called simulator sickness. Simulator sickness is experienced by people in virtual reality and is well known in pilot training in flight simulators. It has been believed that discrepancies between the motion of the simulator and the subject causes the brain to rebel and even induce nausea. In our wheelchair trainer this form of motion sickness can compromise training by making the subject...

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Week 12

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Monday Here it is, the final week of Lightning Lab. It has arrived too quickly and we are just not ready. We were here yesterday, getting pitch feedback and changing our opening slides. Geoff and Charlie were concerned that we weren’t making enough of the fact that our opportunity has social impact. Others were concerned we weren’t clear enough about the business opportunity.  We found that it is really difficult to find good stock photos that exactly meet you needs. In future I will source photos early, taking our own if...

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Week 11

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Monday Its supposed to be a public holiday today but we’re in the office. We have appointments to get some team photos taken, and of course, there is the ongoing work on the pitch, dropsheet, brochure and our due diligence folder. These activities have taken over our lives. At least we’re not here alone. You wouldn’t know it was a holiday. Tuesday Today we got the photos from Erica, the Ministry of Awesome’s photo ninja. The new headshots look much better than the ones we previously had in our documents. We have to...

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Week 10

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Monday Its been a tense day. We’ve had some arguments and feelings are running high. Our Trello board is crammed with tasks and there is a feeling of being swamped. I think we may have to create a deferred list and move most of the least urgent tasks there. Trello is great, but the sheer number of tasks is overwhelming. The pitch has been worked on by Margaret and Vinni all day but it is still incomplete. It rolls off my tongue like a brick, and I stumble through it still using my prompt notes. We were meant to do a demo today, but...

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Week 9

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Weekend There isn’t much to report until we get back to Christchurch. Here are some photos as we had a couple of days of down time. Below that you’ll find the rest of our week in Christchurch. Monday It was good to see my family, but a shame we didn’t get an appointment to see anyone at the spinal unit here. Argh, misread our itinerary and missed our flight out of Perth. We’re now catching a new flight at 4 in the morning. Tuesday Everything is behind at Melbourne again. Our flight out has been put back quite a bit. I...

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Week 8

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Week 8 was a week involving travel to Australia. It ended with a fantastic meeting in Melbourne Monday Monday started with our usual group meeting and planning session. It was then all hands to the phones, practising our pitches and doing some work on our software. If I don’t try to memorise the pitch, if I just speak to the slides I notice I can give a more relaxed and earnest presentation. I will speak to Geoff and Charlie about that. We met with our NZTE representative in the late morning and discussed our plans for US sales.  Pal is...

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Week 7

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Monday This morning began with our usual meeting where it was impressed on us how horrifyingly close D-Day (Demo Day) is. We gave our 60 second pitches, and I stumbled through ours without prompts this week. I think I am more of a shoot-from-the-hip sort of orator. Learning pitches hasn’t been my forté. After that, Vinni, Margaret and I had our weekly planning meeting. This week we asked Charlie Tomlinson to join us. We have had difficulty lately in determining our priorities, and as the pressure increases we have had difficulty even...

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Week 6

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This is late, very very late. I am afraid the primarily self imposed workload of lightning lab is making extra-curricular activities such as this blog, very difficult to maintain. Week 6 was a voyage of discovery with internal tensions in our MTech Group rising as we realised that our communications were breaking down. Our weekly planning meetings were not driving sufficient progress, and our morning meetings were becoming overly long without creating clarification. When we started Lightning lab we set up a Trello board to contain (and...

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Week 5

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Monday This week we started with a meeting with mentor Dan Wallace. Dan helped us to bring some clarity to our planning. By now we have spoken to so many mentors, public servants, people with tetraplegia, and industry leaders that its easy to get swamped by detail. Dan Wallace and Alex Lam are two mentors whose external view helps to keep us strategically focused. To keep everything exciting there was a small fire during the preparations for the opening of the Dux behind us in Greenhouse.  Three trucks came, but apparently it was more smoke...

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